Top 5 Costa Rica Experiences

Costa Rica is a country of amazing diversity. It boasts mile high volcanoes to sandy beaches and everything in between. When coming for a Central American vacation, you could very easily post up in one of Manuel Antonio beach rentals, or one of the many other beautiful little beach towns, and have a perfectly relaxing and enjoyable vacation. However, if you are the adventurous type, and want to see some of the best that Costa Rica has to offer, we suggest the following five Costa Rica experiences.

My Top Costa Rica Experiences

1. The Osa Peninsula

National Geographic has called the Osa peninsula the most biologically intense place on Earth. Much of the peninsula is protected by the Corcovado national park, and the Osa is one of the few places where jaguars and pumas roam free. Home to nearly 400 species of birds, 140 species of mammals, over 100 species of reptiles and over 6000 species of insects – it’s a naturalist dream. However you don’t need to be a scientist to appreciate the Osa’s unspoiled beauty. Much of the peninsula is off the grid and it can be challenging to get there. However, if you want to experience intense unspoiled Costa Rican tropical forest, then the Osa is for you. For surfers, Pavones is considered the second longest left in the world, which alone makes it worth the pilgrimage.


2. Manuel Antonio National Park

Many people consider Manuel Antonio National Park the most beautiful place in Costa Rica. It is certainly one of the most photographed. Manuel Antonio’s white sand beaches and thick tropical forest make it a favorite for ad campaigns by the Costa Rican tourist board. Although the park is accessible from the capital San José, it is still relatively undeveloped. In order to secure the best accommodation, we recommend you skip the small tourist hotels and opt for Manuel Antonio rentals. The price will be comparable to a hotel for groups of four or more and a Manuel Antonio rental makes the perfect base camp to explore the park.


3. Monte Verde Cloud Forest

To make this list, a place has to be unique. The Monte Verde Cloud Forest is certainly that. It is comprised of six ecological zones, ninety percent of which is virgin forest. A visit to the forest begins with a tour that starts on the ground before taking to the trees. The park’s suspension bridges allow visitors to walk through the canopy with the freedom to stop if some creature captures your interest. The park can have a somewhat eerie feel at times as the moisture from the clouds dampen sound. The effect is to make you feel alone even when the park is quite crowded.

4. Playa Grande

A visit to see the giant leatherback sea turtles nest on Playa Grande is a one of a kind experience. There are only a few nesting habitats for these ancient reptiles in the world and leatherbacks return to the beach where they were born. The leatherback can reach lengths of up to eight feet long and weigh up to 1500 pounds. Guided tours to see the turtles come ashore to lay their eggs are available in the Marina Las Baulas National Park. While in the area, Playa Tamarindo makes an excellent destination for dinner and nightlife.


5. La Rincon de la Vieja

Seeing an active volcano up close is a memorable experience. The sheer power of the Earth making to new land can be breathtaking. However, as amazing as that experience may be, it is even better if after seeing the volcano, you soak in a volcanic hot spring, then move to the volcanic mud baths, all the while sipping your cold beverage of choice. In addition to the volcano, hot springs and mud baths, the area resorts also offer horseback riding, guided hikes and canopy tours.

Costa Rica enjoys incredibly diverse terrain located in a small area. Take advantage of this diversity and visit some of the unique places on this list. It will make Costa Rica more than just a beach vacation.

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