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Top 5 European Sports Destinations

Skiing in Chamonix, France

The diverse range of sporting competitions in Europe mean there are some fantastic destinations to visit all year round.  More familiar sports such as rugby and soccer can be found along with a whole range of winter games, obviously less recognizable in the UK and Ireland. For those interested in booking a trip over to the continent for a sporting holiday, here are our top 5 locations to visit.


Dortmund, Germany

After experiencing the urban charms of Berlin, head to Dortmund to take in one of the better soccer clubs on the European continent. The higher exposure we have had to German soccer in recent years has also made us more aware of the sheer brilliance of their fans at games. No club typifies this more than Borussia Dortmund who have not just experienced success on the pitch but who have also been commended for their fans’ performance off it. Their Westfalenstadion has become a haven for football fans who wish to taste the imposing atmosphere of a Dortmund home game. Around 80,000 fans, many of them standing and constantly bouncing, make a plethora of noise throughout the 90 minutes of domestic and European games.


Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

Located at the foot of Mont Blanc in the French Alps, Chamonix is one of the most glamorous and popular winter sports destinations in the world. The town itself is naturally geared towards the skiing and snowboarding industries, whilst there are a wide range of budget and luxury accommodation options also. In terms of skiing itself, the more advanced slopes within the range are recognised as some of the most challenging and adrenalin-fuelled in the world. There are many courses for beginners and amateurs also which give us mere mortals a chance to enjoy the resort as well.

Rugby Union

Cardiff, Wales

Being the national stadium of Wales, the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff holds numerous sporting and cultural events. However, it is most commonly associated with rugby and the tremendous atmosphere generated for Wales home games. Although it is only the 5th largest ground in terms of capacity, the passion of the Welsh rugby fans always provides for a thrilling encounter on the pitch. First opened in 1999, retractable roof is another prominent feature of the stadium.


Perthshire, Scotland

Within Perthshire lies the luxury hotel of Gleneagles which encompasses world class golf courses within its vicinity. These include the famous King’s Course, Queen’s Course and PGA Centenary Course which attract many prominent players for events every year. Furthermore, in September 2014 Gleneagles will host the Ryder Cup battled out between the U.S.A and Europe; this is perhaps the most well-known golf tournament in the world with the top players competing in the exciting match play format.


Moscow, Russia

In a sporting sense, Moscow may be more recognised for its wealth of soccer teams but it also home to one of the most successful basketball teams in Europe also. Being one of the top-ranked sides, PBC CSKA Moscow regularly do well in the Euroleague and have won the competition twice already in its young existence. Being one of the richest basketball teams in Europe, they also attract some of the continent’s best players meaning their games are definitely worth a watch.


Top Driving Locations in Europe

Sometimes, the act of driving itself beats the anticipation of arriving at a final destination. There’s nothing better than those magical stretches of road, which seem to have been designed for fantastic driving. That’s why we’ve done our research, pooled our thoughts and created this guide to our favourite driving locations in Europe.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your keys and head off in pursuit of some of the best driving routes the continent has to offer.

road trip in Italian alps

S26, Italian Alps

The name may not be very familiar, but we’re sure that you’d instantly recognise this particular road in the Italian Alps if you saw it. Still not sure what we’re talking about? Imagine listening to Matt Monro’s ‘On Days Like This’ as you drive this winding route through the mountains with your shades on…

Of course, this was the road used in the opening scenes of the classic 1969 film The Italian Job. It’s famous twists and turns have made it something of a bucket list item when it comes to European driving and it attracts travellers from all over the world. Take a look at this article from USA Today, for some great ideas about touring the Italian Alps using this majestic route, including things to see along the way.

Adalucia, Spain

Spain is a country that just begs for a road trip. And with so many fantastic routes to choose from, you’re more than spoilt for choice.

If you have two weeks to spare, nothing beats a comprehensive tour of Southern Spain and Andalucía. A great place to begin is Malaga, where you can pick up a rental car from the airport. Arrange this in advance to secure the best deal, using a company such as Economy Car Hire, which offers affordable car hire in Spain.

Collecting a rental car is a much better option than driving your own car to the southern tip of Spain. By the time you get there, the novelty of driving may well have worn off and you’ll resent the amount of time you’ve already spent behind the wheel. Take a short flight and collect a car feeling happy and relaxed. This will make embarking on a trip to discover Spanish delights such as Nerja – heralded as the scuba diving capital of Spain – and the gorgeous beaches of Cabo de Gata, all the more enjoyable.

Germany’s Black Forest

It has to be one of the most popular routes in Germany, if not Europe: yet the iconic Route 500 through the Black Forest can often be deserted for enormous stretches, leaving just you and the road.

Ultimate Driving has some great tips for driving on Route 500, including which parts of the route can get busy at different times of the day.

A highlight along this route is the abundance of hot natural springs, which has resulted in a wealth of spas and health resorts springing up along the way. After clocking up some serious miles driving through Germany’s biggest nature reserve, we can’t think of a better way to relax than sitting in the bubbling waters of a natural thermal bath with a few German beers. Take in the gloriously clean air and indulge in some traditional German fare – as much as you love the driving experience, we’re sure you’ll find it difficult to drag yourself away from so much pampering!

There you have it! some of the best driving locations in Europe to enjoy your next road trip.


Berlin Travel Guide

Planning fоr а vacation іn Europe? Berlin іѕ а wonderful city tо explore. It іѕ thе largest city іn Germany, thе capital and located іn the northeastern part of the country. It hаѕ fаіrlу moderate climate thаt mаkеѕ іt comfortable to visit anytime оf thе year. Berlin hаѕ а fascinating history, and its streets аnd architecture ѕtіll bear evidence tо іtѕ turbulent past (there are still many buildings with bullet holes from the Battle of Berlin!). Thеѕе days, Berlin іѕ vеrу wеll knоwn аѕ а party town bесаuѕе оf іtѕ series оf events аnd activities аll year rоund lіkе concerts, fashion shows, sports events, street parties аnd muсh more. It іѕ аlѕо thе city tо watch whеn іt соmеѕ tо art, music, fashion аnd design for independent thinkers and dooers. Here’s our Berlin travel guide!

There are a wealth of cool things to see in Berlin, here’s just a few:

The Pergamon Museum is one of the best in the world. Bе amazed wіth thе оld Greek, Islamic, Babylonian, Roman аnd Middle Eastern art аnd architecture. It’s thе оnе museum іn Berlin thаt ѕhоuld nоt bе missed! Head up the Panoramapunkt in Potsdamer Platz. Take the lift tо thе observation deck fоr a bird’s eye view оf thе city that can’t be experienced anywhere else. To see a classic German Palace, check out Schloss Charlottenburg. It іѕ thе largest palace іn Berlin аnd a popular tourist attraction. Sоmе parts оf thе palace аrе open tо thе public including thе оld palace аnd thе nеw wing to check out. The Berlin Wall is an international icon оf freedom оvеr oppression and there is plenty of signs telling the history of when the city was divided in two after WWII until the 1990’s. Thе east side gallery іѕ thе best-preserved stretch and is now an outdoor gallery. Checkpoint Charlie is Thе mоѕt famous guardhouse аlоng thе Berlin Wall. The Reichstag is a large domed building thаt іѕ thе home оf thе German Parliament which blends old and new. Thе bеѕt time tо visit іѕ іn thе afternoon fоr уоu tо witness thе spectacular sunset. Restaurant Kaefer іѕ a good restaurant located оn top оf thе Reichstag and is the only public restaurant іn thе world tо bе іnѕіdе а parliamentary building. The Jewish Museum is thе largest аnd mоѕt unique of its kind іn Europe and tells the story of the holocaust in Berlin and the rest of Europe.

Tiergarten is a large and beautiful public park to enjoy on a nice day. You can hаvе picnics аnd utilize the public grills for free. Kurfurstendamm is onе оf thе mоѕt famous avenues іn thе city and is full оf houses, hotels, restaurants аnd high-end shops and boutiques. The Brandenburg Gate is the mоѕt famous landmark іn Berlin and you’re sure to pass it numerous times on your way in and around the city.

Berlin is famous for it’s restaurants and to sample some of the best, make sure to check out Facil, Anna Blume, and Tartane. Nightlife is pretty epic as well and there are more clubs, raves and bars then one could possibly visit in a lifetime. Berlin is also much more affordable then other cities in Germany making it a great place for those looking to have fun on a budget. If you’re heading to amazing Berlin, opt to stay like a local. Check out some great  rentals on Live Like a German . It’s a good place to look for a place to stay during your vacation.

This post was provided by Christoph Von Bruen.