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The best nightlife in Tenerife

The best nightlife in Tenerife includes experiences like beach clubs ... nothing makes a tropical holiday like throwing down on the beach!

When the fiery ball in the sky sinks beneath the western horizon in Tenerife, the young, party-hearty travelers that frequent this popular subtropical getaway come out to play.  This sun-kissed Spanish isle has developed a reputation for developing a nightlife scene that compares favourably with other European party islands like Ibiza (another Spanish possession … man, these guys sure know how to party!) and Corfu in Greece.

As such, those seeking to groove to the beat of the latest house, trance and R&B music know that any old club simply won’t do.  They are here to seek some of very best good times that can be had in in Tenerife, and if you are one of them, let webtenerife.co.uk and this post guide you in the right direction.

In the following paragraphs, we shall discuss the best nightlife in Tenerife so that you can truly have a night to remember!

1) Monkey Beach Club

Those seeking to get their dancing groove on whilst feeling the sand between their toes should make a night out at the Monkey Beach Club a priority. Located near Playa de Las Americas, this club cranks out the dance tunes to the pace of a frantic strobe light, and with beers going for 3 Euro all night long, your buzz will be maintained with minimal pain for your wallet.

2) Blanco Bar

Those looking for a more traditional club environment will find Blanco Bar to be an excellent addition to their clubbing itinerary while on Tenerife.  Situated in the biggest town on Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz, this uber cool club feeds off the energy of this party town, bringing in hordes of eager party people from late evening onward through the night.  The drinks here are even cheaper than at Monkey Beach, with a mere 2 Euro needed to keep a bottle of suds in your mitt. Be sure to dress to impress, as shabby clothes may deny you entry here!

3) The Dubliner

You may be countless kilometres from the Emerald Isle, but for those seeking a pub atmosphere on the island of Tenerife, there is no better bar stool to mount than The Dubliner.  The warm weather here lures many talented musicians from the soggy winter shores of the mother land to its quarters, giving this establishment a fine reputation indeed for live music!

Tippling On Tenerife: Always A Good Decision!

While Tenerife has many assets to draw sun starved northerners to its shores, for the young and young at heart, the vibe within their souls requires a place with a bumping nightlife in order for their holiday to be considered a smashing success.  Tenerife passes this test with flying colours, as we believe this list will get you started on many epic nights on this island in the very near future!

Gorgeous Grande-Terre: Must Do’s for Every Day-tripper

Grande-Terre Island is the name given to the eastern half of Guadeloupe Island (with the other half known as Basse-Terre). It is the home of most of Guadeloupe’s tourist resorts and farmlands, due to its beautiful land and coastline. If you you’re only visiting Grande-Terre Island for a day trip however, what attractions can you see to keep busy?

Grande-Terre Island

Aquarium de la Guadeloupe

For people that want to spend the day relaxing and enjoying marine life, Aquarium de la Guadeloupe is an excellent choice. With its variety of marine life, visitors can enjoy seeing everything from crabs to sharks. Daily snorkelling tours are also available, so visitors can experience the beauty of marine life first-hand, with a biologist and diving instructor.

Ft. Fleur D’épee

If you want to take full advantage of all inclusive long haul holidays, visiting the fortress in Bas-du-Fort is a must. Built between 1759 and 1763, the fortress can be found on the hillside behind a deep moat. The fortress is well-known for its battles between the French and English in 1794, and visitors can learn everything they need to about the battles and fortress history through guided tours.

Musée Camelia Costumes et Traditions

If you want to see a true labour of love, you must take the time to visit the Musée Camelia Costumes et Traditions. The private collection, owned by a retired English teacher named Camelia Bausivoir, includes examples of the dress of different societies through the ages. You can see baptism outfits, madras headdresses, colonial pith helmets, and much more.

Cathédrale de St-Pierre et St-Paul

For tourists that enjoy visiting religious sites, Cathédrale de St-Pierre et St-Paul is a must. Built in 1807, the cathedral has Creole-style balconies and stained windows that give it a dramatic effect. Since it was battered by hurricanes, it is under renovation and supported by ribs and pillars.

Musée St-John Perse

If you have a strong love for French culture and literature, visiting the Musée St-John Perse is sure to please. The museum is dedicated to Alexis Léger (better known as Saint-John Perse), a famous poet. In fact, in 1960, he won the Nobel Prize for literature. Most of his best work was inspired by his love for Guadeloupe.

Le Gosier

Le Gosier is a popular place for many tourists due to its shops, nightclubs, rental car agencies, and its casino. Although it simply used to serve as a stopping place between Pointe-à-Pitre and Ste-Anne, it is now one of the most popular tourist attractions.


Aside from Gosier, St-François is another area fast growing in popularity with tourists. In fact, it is believed that St-François is quickly overtaking Gosier as being the most fashionable and luxurious resort area. The area includes hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, golfing, and a casino.

With so much to see and do in Grande-Terre, any tourist can enjoy a wonderful day trip.

Alex Norman loves living under the stars. An avid traveller, he loves to write about a variety of topics that revolve around the great outdoors.

Beautiful, bright Bodrum, Turkey!

I’ve been going to Turkey for the last seven years, and I’ve watched it change as tourism has become big business over recent years. The number of visitors to this wonderful, mysterious country has increased dramatically, and Bodrum is one of those booming resorts.

Fantastic beaches, lively night-life, delicious restaurants, history, culture, and lots of shopping, all with the potential to explore further afield – it’s no wonder Bodrum is so popular.

beach in Bodrum, Turkey

There are some fantastic package holidays to Bodrum this summer, ranging from all-inclusive, half-board, full-board and self-catering. Personally, I tend to book self-catering, as there are some wonderful restaurants around and I enjoy the freedom to go where I please in the evening, however if you’re travelling with children, I’d recommend all-inclusive, to keep costs on holiday low.

Getting to the airport itself can be a hassle, and you’ll find that many flights to Turkey are at awkward times of the day from the UK. A great way to save money and combat stress is to pre-book Airport parking at your terminal, meaning no need to book an expensive airport taxi, and putting the control firmly back in your hands. You’ll find a service no matter where you fly from, and I recently used Stansted Airport parking at Airparks, with no complaints from me whatsoever! I’d highly recommend you look into what’s available from your airport.

Once you land at Bodrum Airport, it’s under an hour’s transfer to your hotel, depending on where you’re staying. It’s easy to get around resort, thanks to the handy dolmus, or mini-bus, running around resort, but Bodrum is quite compact, so I’d suggest a pair of comfortable flip flops and head out on foot and explore. The dolmus is invaluable for exploring the surrounding area, such as the nearby resort of Gumbet, with its wide beach and plentiful water-sports. Alternatively, haggle the price of your excursions from a street vendor and head out on a jeep safari into the surrounding countryside, through villages and hills. A boat trip is also a must-do excursion, as well as a traditional Turkish bath for that longer lasting tan.

In Bodrum itself, the castle should be your first port of call, stood imposing over the town. It also hosts the popular Museum of Underwater Archaeology, which is a surprisingly interesting morning or afternoon’s entertainment, and one the kids will love too.

For retail therapy hits, the marina has the best in terms of designer buys, however I love the markets for unusual souvenirs, and the haggling is fun once you get used to it.

As with most Turkish resorts, night-life is bright, vibrant and lively, yet also very varied. If you want to party, you’ll find plenty of clubs and bars, especially down on the water-front, yet if you just want a good meal and a few drinks, you’re more than catered for too. I’d really recommend trying some traditional Turkish cuisine, such as tasty chicken shish kebab, followed by some naughty-but-nice kunefe, and a glass of raki. Turkish food is cheap, plentiful and certainly delicious!

For a sunshine break with an added difference, Bodrum is a fantastic choice. Remember those airport extras and your holiday will not only be cheaper, but will start in a much more rested manner, without the stress of the airport marring the start of your break. You’re not forgotten in the parking stakes no matter you fly from, with services such as Luton Airport parking fantastic value for money.

Sunshine is a given, a great holiday is guaranteed – head to Bodrum this summer.

This was a guest post from Michelle Camens

Macau: Like Las Vegas but…Better!

 view of the lisboa casino from the fort in Macau

The West has Las Vegas. The East has Macau. Vegas’s hotels are found on the “Strip.” Macau’s hotels are found on the “islands.” Las Vegas takes in $6.2 billion annually. Macau takes in nearly four times that amount ($25 billion). If Las Vegas is the “kid sister” of the World when it comes to gambling, then Macau is surely the big brother of the East, and it is all grown up now.

Similar to Hong Kong, Macau is what is known as an “administrative” area in China. It’s not really outside of the country, but it’s not really inside either, which makes it the perfect spot to serve as an international gambling haven.

It works geographically as well. Macau is a peninsula, which means it is near-surrounded by water (and in recent past it was actually still an island.) So, there is no shortage of beachfront property on which to erect some of the world’s most luxurious resorts and hotels.

In short, Macau is like Las Vegas…but better.


The Macau Peninsula is home to a number of noteworthy hotels, mostly built by the same management responsible for the stunning casino-resorts that line the Strip in Vegas—but with a grandiosity that makes the Nevada gaming counterpart look like a total dump.

For example, the Venetian Macau, a cavernous triumph of architecture, is not only an oversized replica of the version found on the Strip in Vegas, it actually holds the record for the biggest casino gaming floor in the world.

Other hotels in Macau that are also in Vegas include the Wynn and The Hyatt.

The Wynn owner, Steve Wynn, loves Macau so much he has vowed to build a replica of the Las Vegas Strip itself on a pier that connects two of the main islands in Macau. Talk about a direct comparison.


One of the truly great aspects about Las Vegas is how cheap it is (in theory). Even if you go absolutely insane the first night and blow all your money at the Tao, you can drink for free and walk the Strip the next night fairly easily.

In Macau, things are a little bit different. There are no deals, there are no sales, and if you’re the type of person who is looking for the minimum bet gaming section, you may be disappointed to find that the minimum bet per hand for table games comes averages out to be around $35-60 USD depending on where you stay.

(Not surprisingly, Macau makes more money from its table games than it does slots, which is the opposite in Vegas.)

With prices like that, you had better hope that your win streak begins quickly or you might find yourself taking out a second mortgage just to make it through that dinner on your second night in Macau!


Similar to gambling, going out in Macau for entertainment is more of an investment than a savings. That said, however, Macau is home to some of the most impressive entertainment shows on earth.

If you have the chance, check out the “Tree of Prosperity” exhibit at the Wynn, whereupon a tree “grows” out of the floor amidst a light show to meet one of the most majestic chandeliers you’ll ever witness majestically hanging above.

If you are more the Cirque de Soleil type, head on over to the Venetian to sit beneath the big top to take in the already infamous “Zaia” show, a spectacular mix of high-wire acrobatics and choreographed dances.

This was a guest post by Simon who is a writer and content specialist…and he’s addicted to being on the front page of anything.  A graduate of Dalhousie University, he specializes in using the em dash too often. Currently, Simon rests his typing hands in Vancouver, Canada.