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Visiting Brazil in between the World Cup and the Olympics

Visiting Brazil at Carnival is the best possible time to see its culture in full motion...

Right now, there is no nation in the Americas that is as hot from a travel standpoint than Brazil. After hosting a successful World Cup despite the gloom and doom predictions of naysayers, this country is in better shape than ever to host travelers in its many interesting cities, towns and tourist attractions.

Between the World cup and the Olympics, there is still plenty of opportunity to book flights on TAM airlines and come down to South America’s largest country to experience Brazil before the crowds drive up prices once again.

With this in mind, here are some sights that you should check out in this diverse and laid back country…

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil’s most famous city sits in the shadow of Sugarloaf Mountain and faces the idyllic waters of the Atlantic with some of the world’s most famous beaches, making it a perfect introduction to Brazil as a whole.

After getting settled in your hotel, don’t deny yourself any longer – head straight for Copacabana Beach, a hive of activity where beach volleyball, football and surfing are pursued with gusto, while others are content to bake in the sun.

Before departing Rio, be sure to pay the Christ the Redeemer statue a visit if you’re into history, or go hang-gliding from the clifftops above the city if you are in need of a shot of adrenaline.


If exploring the Amazon is high on your list of things to do, then flying to Manaus is your first step to discovering the secrets of its massive wild interior. Before renting a boat to take you deep into the heart of this wilderness though, be sure to take in a Nacional Futebol Clube match, Manaus’ football team.

They now have a shiny new stadium courtesy of the 2014 World Cup, a fact that the NFC’s supporters greatly appreciate. Before setting off in the bush, take time to also view the fabulous structures that the rubber trade has built over the years, most notably Teatro Amazonas, where free performing arts shows go regularly.


Are you an enthusiastic party person? If so, coming to Salvador for Carnival 2015 will be a very smart move, as you will be able to duck the crowds that will almost certainly be present in 2016 in the lead up to the Olympics.

This is the place that boasts the world’s biggest celebration of the week before the start of Lent, a time where Salvador’s residents celebrate decadence before the penance and self-denial that defines the 40 day season.

While the prices and the amount of people here will be less this year than next, be sure to book early regardless, as prices on remaining accommodations shoot up dramatically the closer one gets to the big week.

When you aren’t reveling, Salvador’s numerous museums, churches, and sublime beaches will occupy what time remains in your trip here.

Top Things To Do In Kangaroo Island

What are the top things to do in Kangaroo Island?  One of them could be relaxing amidst a country setting such as this...

As lame as it may sound, the sheer fascination in discovering the namesake animal might be one of the top things to do in Kangaroo Island. However, the Aborigine translation of the land’s name may conjure a completely opposite negative reaction. This island was once called Karta, or “the Land of the Dead” due to the archaeological evidences of their ancient relatives perishing during the last glacial period with the rising of sea levels that flooded the Backstairs Passage straight.

However, the modern times feature nothing of the same cryptic atmosphere since this atoll has been bristling with life. Although agriculture and fishing was its chief source of revenue, tourism has become a very successful industry that proves people from overseas that this place can now be called “the Land of the Living”.

Any tourist can say that one can experience a pleasurable vacation by having a good rest first. Coziness can be a relatively subjective matter which can be defined according to the type of profile a tourist has, the same way the top things to do in Kangaroo Island also vary on the perspective of its visitors.

There are travelers who prefer camping under the star spangled night sky, with a fire pit to draw people into the primitive but effective circular social convergence. There are also other tourists who opt for a very luxurious hotel sojourn. These two types of travelers, are even anyone between the spectrum, can have a place to stay in Kangaroo Island.

Another inclusion among the top things to do in Kangaroo Island is to explore the flora and fauna, especially the wildlife of the place. Kangaroos may take center stage in the menagerie but there are also wonderful creatures wanting to steal the show. Seals call the affection of marine explorers while the koalas compete with other wilderness animals in the “cuteness contest”.

Eating and indulging to their sumptuous dishes can also be one of the top things to do in Kangaroo Island. Fine dining and casual cafes offer a conventional dining experience, but in this land one can experience goodness from its very excellent source.

A tour in the Farm Gate and Cellar Door gives visitors a clear idea on how the beef and vegetables put on the plates got their epic quality taste. This place also features a vineyard producing an extensive variety of fine wines to go well with one’s great dinner. Kangaroo Island has over 18 home-grown labels.

Australians and casual visitors in this day of age call it the land of the living. But the audacious sorts of tourists may call it “the land of the living on the edge”. Kangaroo Island has a number of exhilarating outdoor adventures that gives a potent dosage of adrenaline into the system. Quad bike tour and kayaking pushes athleticism to a whole new level. But thrills do not need to involve strenuous activities since horse races can also be an exciting spectacle.

Iceland’s Hottest And Coldest Tourist Spots!

Any unexperienced traveller might think that Iceland is a frigid wasteland. However, there’s more to it than a cold name. Its glaciers are contradicted by gorgeous volcanoes and thermal spots ideal for sightseeing and recreational activities. They are some of the country’s hottest attractions, literally. Iceland actually makes for a great active, romantic trip and it even made Expedia.co.uk’s list of great places to spend Valentine’s Day, http://expediablog.co.uk/valentinesdayhotels/valentinesdestinations.html trip to Iceland will never be complete unless you see all the natural sights it has to offer, whether they are hot or cold.

Iceland scenery


Gullfoss or “The Golden Falls” is one of the top reasons to visit Iceland. It’s about 60 miles from Reykjavik. Gullfoss originates from Hvitá River which plunges down to create this double-cascading falls. A lot of people say it is the country’s most beautiful and romantic destinations.


Also outside of Reykjavik is Landmannalaugar. To get to this region, you would have to take a bus or a 4×4. Landmannalaugar is an isolated highland with plenty of sightseeing opportunities, and some of the best in all of Europe.

Jökulsárlón Lagoon

The Jökulsárlón Lagoon is a glacial body of water on the southeast portion of Iceland. It is the remnant of Breiôamerkurjökull glacier which retreated from 1920 to 1965. Jökulsárlón is 190 meters deep and has icebergs all year round thanks to the ice falling off from the glacier.


Geysir, derived from the English term “geyser”, is a geothermal hotspot 10 kilometers west of Gullfoss. While it is no longer active, it remains to be one of the most visited tourist spots throughout Iceland. Besides, Strokkur sits right next to it and releases steam every 5 to 10 minutes.


Mývatn located in northern Iceland is another must-see attraction in the country. It is a lake region whose shape it owes to volcanic craters in and around the lake. Two spectacular sights within Mývatn include Dimmuborgir, The Black City, and Smajfall, a desert which releases sulphuric steam off the ground.

Blue Lagoon

Probably one of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon, is a spa located in Grindavík, southwest of the country. It is a short 13 kilometer drive from the Keflavík International Airport and 39 kilometers from Reykjavík. Blue Lagoon has an outdoor pool as well as a health center. It is set in the center of a lava field with surreal, milky blue waters.


The Four Best Beaches in Florida

If you’re looking for a beach holiday outside of Europe this year, then you may have well considered Florida in the USA on a list of possible destinations. The state of Florida is one of America’s most popular – and most beautiful – places to vacation, for domestic tourists as well as international ones. With so many things to see and do, and let’s not forget why it was given the nickname ‘the Sunshine State’, Florida is a fantastic choice for families this year. Not only is it home to Orlando, the theme park capital of the world, but the beaches are simply gorgeous too! Let’s take a look at some of the best beaches in Florida!

best beaches in Florida

Delray Beach

Located just to the north of Boca Raton, Delay Beach is overlooked by a charming village, home to families and retired folk. The beach itself is around two miles long, and is visited by over a million tourists every year, however most of these people arrive in the summer months – in the winter, although still warm, it’s very peaceful. Ideal for the family looking for a sandcastle-building, sunbathing and swimming retreat, Delray Beach offers a wealth of local facilities to make sure you have a great time, from showers and rental facilities to traditional restaurants and bars.

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach can be found on the Gulf Coast’s Piinellas Peninsula, and offers tourists a 4-mile stretch of glorious sands and warm, calm waters. This beach has been attracting families for years, and although it might seem a little light in terms of facilities for international tourists, it’s a great place to enjoy the sun if you live locally. With Tampa Bay to the east and the Gulf of Mexico to the west, there are a number of activities to keep the kids entertained here, such as free beach volleyball facilities, scuba diving, and fishing boat rentals. You can even take a dolphin cruise from Clearwater Beach, or if the choppy waves aren’t your thing, why not visit the mainland aquarium or museums!


Naples, Florida is not only an amazing stretch of sand, but it also offers a culture much like that of California’s Long Beach. If you’re travelling with a big family, then there’s plenty of space to spread out in Naples, and the sands are nothing less than pearly white. The Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park is another great place to enjoy the ocean view, and from food stands to markets stretching along the Old Naples Peer, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Sanibel Beach

Perfect for the kids, Sanibel Beach is one of Florida’s natural wonders, with spectacular scenery all around. Not only is it a prime spot for surfers in the Shell Islands, but it’s also popular with families, as there is there a wealth of small coves to explore, as well as beautiful shells to collect. Sanibel Beach is also very quiet, so even if you’re content with reading your book or listening to music while sunbathing, you’ll be left in peace without being disturbed.

There you have it, 4 of the best beaches in Florida!