Passport Photo Tips

Having your passport photos rejected when applying for a new passport is a frustrating experience, which will cost you time and money. It is for this reason that if you are in a hurry for your passport, that you should look to use a passport photo delivery service.

The passport photo has to be perfect because this is what the customs officials will be using to allow you into a country. Around the world some border officials are stricter than others, and this is why it is critical that you get the photo correct. The Australian government has provided a set of rules regarding this, and if you are not using a service then it is essential that you understand these rules before you take your photo.


Firstly, you will have to provide 2 passport pictures which are identical, they should have been taken in the last 6 months and they have to have been produced using dye sublimation. This means that they cannot have been printed from an inkjet printer.

Conditions of the Images

The image has to be absolutely clear without any blurring at all. There can be no marks on the image and your eyes must be visible, any red eyed images will be rejected instantly. The background should be white or light grey, and it should contrast with your face. If the image features any shadows then it will also be rejected.


For the passport photo your head should be in the center of the image, it must be at a height of 45mm-50mm and a width of 35mm-40mm, within this your head should be no higher than 36mm in the image itself.

Expression and Features

When you are taking your passport pictures you need to have your hair completely off your face, and you cannot wear any jewelry or accessories on your face. If you have to wear glasses for medical reasons then you can leave these on for the photograph, but the frames cannot be obscured and you have to make sure there is no reflection from the lenses.

You must have a neutral expression on your face for your passport photo, this means no smiling or frowning, and your mouth should be closed.

Best Course of Action

There really isn’t much reason as to why you should be taking these images on your own. For example, there isn’t much cost saving from taking the photos yourself and if the images are rejected, it will only mean that it takes more time and costs more money. A quick search for ‘passport photos near me’ will bring up many services which you can use to have your image taken, and they will guarantee that it meets requirements.

For your passport photos it is always better to use a proper professional service. This option is also quicker, easier and much cheaper in the long run. You can find all of this information and more on passport photos on the Australian government website. Happy snapping!