Top 10 American TV Shows

The cast of Seinfeld, which was one of the most successful American TV Shows of all time ... photo by CC user Alan Light on wikimedia

In United States of America Television show have played a significant role in influencing its people. Over a period of time there is a list of the best shows and there is yet another with the worst.

Seinfeld was a popular sitcom which ran from 1989 to 1998. It was broadcasted on the NBC, with 9 seasons and 180 episodes each running into 22 minutes. Created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David it was largely inspired by real life incidents of the former. The plot was set in a Manhattan apartment and its theme was appreciated as being postmodern.

I Love Lucy was another famous sitcom. It was a black-and-white series broadcasted on CBS. It had its run from 1951 to 1957. In 6 seasons it had 18 episodes, each of 23 minutes at least. Its plot was set in New York with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz leading the show. It was inducted in Television Hall of Fame.

The Honeymooners was shot Adelphi Theatre in New York and was filmed with live audience. It ran for 39 episodes and just 1 season. Aired on CBS it ran between 1955 and 56. The story revolved around apartment in Brooklyn showcasing story of a couple where both partners work.

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Another hit on CBS was the All in the Family. With massive 210 episodes it had 9 seasons airing from 1971 to 79. It showcased controversial topics integrated into comedy. Carroll O’Connor who played Archie Bunker pretty much led the show. HBO aired the much-watched The Sopranos. It was a crime drama series around the life and times of a mobster. It creatively depicted how he balanced is personal and not so routine professional life. It won the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series twice. James Gandolfini played the protagonist in this series.

An offbeat show was the 60 Minutes, that it when it started. It has been airing since 1968 on CBS. When it was conceptualized and executed, it won accolade for its format. The theme of this news magazines program was investigations that centered on the reporter. As the name Late Show with David Letterman suggests it is a talk show with host David Letterman. It airs late night on CBS. It started in 1993 and still continues. It has been repeatedly won the Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series. With 566 episodes The Simpsons is the most popular animated show. Aired on FOX it inspired comics, film, ride and video games.

The Andy Griffith Show of the 1960s was multi Emmy Award winner and its popularity sold its merchandise quickly. Finally NBC’s Saturday Night Live is a comic variety show running since 1975.