The travel guide for the modern and high tech traveller visiting Australia

Visiting Australia is a bucket list item for many high tech travelers

If you’re a fan of the modern world, then visiting Australia should be the prime focus of your next vacation. Of course a country the size of Australia has its big historical sites. If you’re a big sports fan then there’s the Melborne Cricket Ground which was built in 1853 and known as the birthplace of test match cricket. There’s also the Queen Victoria Market and the Queen Victoria Building that were both designed in the 19th century. But these historical sites are dotted few and far between on one of the world’s most architecturally modern landscapes. What many people travel to one of the world’s biggest countries for is the high tech culture, which Australia has in spades.

If you’re a big fan of gaming, then you’ll fit right into the way of life in Australia. You might imagine that stereotypically Australians spend all of their spare time sunbathing on a beach or surfing in the sea. But the people of Australia are embracing modern technology like gaming more than most of the rest of the world’s population. Gaming on smartphones is becoming increasingly popular and is even attracting a whole new audience to some of the world’s oldest past times. A huge number of people are now playing casino games on sites like Euro Palace from their mobile phone. The Euro Palace website has hundreds of different games that are reminding people of the thrill and excitement a casino can bring from the comfort of their smartphones.

But it’s not just on their mobiles on sites like Euro Palace where Australians love to game. Last year the country’s biggest ever e-sport tournament took place with thousands of spectators filling Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne to watch people play computer games. There are more and more leagues being set up in Australia every year, and these events keep getting bigger and more competitive, so it would be well worth soaking up the excitement of one of these events on your trip.


Even some of the most traditional tourist attractions are embracing modern technology, which comes as a pleasant surprise for those visiting Australia. More and more restaurants in Australia are installing fast Wi-Fi into their buildings, so their customers can keep up to date with the latest news from their friends and around the world as they eat. Technology has even made fast food even faster as McDonalds around Australia have installed touch screen ordering stations that you can order your own gormet burget to and have it delivered to your table. Some restaurants now also let you order and pay from your smartphone without having to call upon the assistance of a waiter.

As well as restaurants, it’s rare you’ll find a hotel in Australia that isn’t offering Wi-Fi as standard with your room. Most hotels will even give you somewhere to dock your IPod or even stream movies and music to your room. But some hotels like the MONA Pavilions in Tasmania are taking technology one step further. Here even the art on the walls are streamed from the internet, giving each customer a unique experience when they stay.

When visiting Australia, don’t miss checking out one of the country’s biggest attractions, the Sydney Zoo. This attraction is also changing to fit in with this new found love of technology, as many of the everyday tasks like feeding the animals are now done by drones and augmented technology is allowing visitors to get even closer to nature. The high tech visits will allow you to experience more of the nature the 16 and a half acres of zoo has to offer.