Travel Tip of The Week: Importance of Having a Credit Card for Traveling

restaurant that accepts credit cards in Paris.

While some people might be wary of any type of credit card post the economic crisis a few years ago, having a credit card for traveling is really a necessity this day in age, and something that can offer you financial protection, options for payment and save you money on the road. Read on to see why!

1. So you can rent a car!

When you’re traveling, and especially abroad, there isn’t going to be much holding you accountable to contracts (ya sounds good, right?). You don’t live there and can always just leave and never come back, so why would a car rental company let you take one of their vehicles without some sort of collateral or assurance you can cover the cost of wrecking? With a credit card, they can always charge you if you happen to crash or at least put in a claim which will negatively affect your credit if you don’t pay. Having credit is a way to show that you are responsible and let you rent vehicles, and not to mention many hotels require them as well!

2. So you can avoid ATM charges.

No one likes having to take out cash all the time while traveling because of the big ATM fees that not only the machine charges, but also your bank at home. Thankfully, most countries in Europe and around the world accept credit cards almost everywhere now, and there are some credit cards without foreign transaction fees or currency exchange fees so you can use it just like at home and avoid the ATM as much as possible. Just do a search online to compare credit cards that are best for traveling to make sure you find one that that is available from your home country and that you will qualify for.

3. So you can earn rewards

If you have to spend money anyways, why not use a credit card with rewards to earn points or money for your next big trip! Many credit cards offer either point or cash back systems. If you’re using a point system, you might be able to earn more for flights or hotels, but with cash back, you are a bit more flexible to do whatever you want with your rewards. Don’t forget to use your credit card while traveling for fraud protection and of course to earn a few more of those nice rewards! Just don’t forget to call and set up a travel notification before you leave.

These are just a few reasons why having a credit card while traveling is both important and beneficial. Feel free to comment below if you have any other tips!