Top Tourist Attractions in The Maldives

Endowed with a great number of beautiful destinations to explore that will truly capture your heart, the top tourist attractions in the Maldives have continued to amaze a great deal of travellers. The Maldives is actually the smallest Asian nation in the world and located in the Indian Ocean and composed of 26 islands, all of which are gifted with pristine beauty and a unique culture.

Top Attractions in The Maldives To Visit

One of the must-visits among the top tourist attractions in The Maldives is the National Museum of The Maldives. The Museum was time-honoured in the Sultan’s palace and takes pride in containing the safeguarded works of The Maldives’ prehistoric era. Within the museum, tourists are privileged to view the wonderful exhibits of royal entities such as their day-to-day outfits, currencies, jewlery, sculptures and also artefacts and pictures of both the pre-Islamic epoch and that of the historical Maldivian locals. Aside from such remarkable items, the National Museum of The Maldives also features the unique tomblike monument of Buddhists.

If you’re a self-confessed aficionado of the arts, then Esjehi Art Gallery would really tickle your fancy. Esjehi Art Gallery will allow you to journey way back in the 1870s during the colonial period. Moreover, the gallery has some unique pieces and even facilitates trade fairs where you can purchase genuine works of art from famous Maldivian artists.

Being an island country, The Maldives boasts a huge quantity of islands to strengthen its tourism. With the good intention of boosting further the tourism growth of the country, the administration of The Maldives has created several ventures to build some artificial atolls that will capture the commercial market. Fundamentally, there are 3 non-natural islands in the country namely Thilafushi, Gamarugiri and Hulhumale. All of these destinations are considered to belong among the top tourist attractions in The Maldives.

Dotted in the Kurumba Island, about 20 minutes drive from the airport of Male, is the famous Kurumba Village which is the first island resort in the country. Kurumba Village is also known as a forest resort to many tourists and never fails to draw a great number of tourists to explore the islands. The village is rich with a plethora of coconut trees, sandy coasts, and stunning, serene lagoons which are certainly ideal for leisure. In addition to that, the village is propped up with excellent bungalows and cottages not to mention the fine bars, massage centres and spas which transform the place into a vacation paradise. Another fantastic place to stay is at Kuredu Island Resort which offers some of the best amenities in the country.