Top Tourist Attractions In the Distrito Federal

Praça dos Três Poderes is definitely one of the best tourist attractions in the Distrito Federal

The top tourist attractions in the Distrito Federal shed light on the history, culture, and modern architecture of Brazil. Home to the capital of Brasilia, it bears the honor of showcasing Brazil’s best features. If you want to see and experience different facets of this part of the country, then hop on a TAM flight and check out some of the following attractions!

#1: Parque da Cidade

Parque de Cidade or “City Park” is situated in Brasilia and occupies 4 million square meters of the city. Brazilian president Juscelino Kubitscheck named it after his wife. The park features landscape works of Burle Marx. Public restrooms are available and decorated with wall tiles designed by Athos Bulcão.

The park has plenty of recreational facilities. Among them are the children’s playground, walking trails, bicycle tracks, horse tracks, race kart track, sports courts, and skating tracks. Hundreds of people come here every day. The main entrance can be accessed from the Monumental Axle South.

#2: Metropolitan Cathedral

The cathedral was inaugurated in 1970 and features Gothic architecture. It’s one of the top tourist attractions in the Distrito Federal. Its design was by Oscar Niemeyer but its stained glass windows were creations of Marianne Peretti.

Stained glass windows have a triangular, vaginal shape much like any Gothic church. They were strategically placed to bring sunlight towards the aisle. Its pillars contradict traditional Gothic design and were shaped after reversed praying hands. The curves designed by Niemeyer reflect his admiration for the beautiful bodies of Brazilian women.

Just outside the church are sculptures of the four evangelists by Alfredo Ceschiatti. Paintings by Athos Bulcão and Di Cavalcanti which depict the Passion of the Christ are also worth seeing in the cathedral.

#3: Praça dos Três Poderes

The “Three Powers Square” contains three notable buildings designed by Oscar Niemeyer namely the National Congress, Planalto Palace, and Higher Courts of Justice. Also in the square is Panteão da Pátria or “The Motherland Pantheon” and Lúcio Costa Space. Three sculptures by notable artists stand proudly in the square as well and comprise of Os Candangos by Bruno Giorgi, Pombal by Oscar Niemeyer, and Justice by Alfredo Ceschiatti. Praça dos Três Poderes is one of the top tourist attractions in the Distrito Federal.