Top Reasons To Visit The Canary Islands

Being a relatively known tourist destination, there are many top reasons to visit the Canary Islands. This archipelago is an Atlantic territory of Spain and it is located off the west coast of Africa. It shares close proximity with Morocco, Cape Verde and two known Portuguese territories such as the archipelagos of the Azores Islands and Madeira Islands. The Canary Islands are composed of seven atolls, each of them uniquely beautiful. The first civilization to inhabit this archipelago were the Phoenicians, around 1,000 BC, right after establishing their capitol in North Africa. It is interesting to note that in ancient times, the Canary Islands were believed to be the lost islands of Atlantis. Anyone with a fascination for this legendary location can probably choose to believe that Atlantis is not just a myth. But Atlantis or not, it was not called “the lands without sorrow” for nothing.

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1. Vacation means fishing, surfing and cruising

An island vacation wouldn’t feel right if one does not enjoy the recreations akin to the pleasant surroundings. Fishing in the Canary Islands is a splendid experience especially in Tenerife. There is big game fishing with a wide array of angler selections such as yellow fin tuna, white marlin and wahoo. Fuerteventura is a windsurfer’s and outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. There are plenty of great places to stay as well, just check out On The Beach for accommodation in Fuerteventura, they have some good options.

2. A magical trek along the Magic Isle

La Gomera has earned the moniker Magic Isle. Being a haven for walkers and casual outdoor enthusiasts, strolling around the Magic Isle is definitely one of the top reasons to visit the Canary Islands. The rough terrain provides a good challenge to many intermediate trekkers, providing some sense of adventure while not being too dificult. Have a talk with one of the friendly locals and notice their “Whistled language” which was documented by the Romans back in ancient times. This whistled speech is called Silbo Gomero.

3. Seafood diet is so good it is see-food diet!

Another of the top reasons to visit the Canary Islands has a lot to do with their diverse cuisine. Canarian cuisine is a great treat for health conscious eaters as it often makes use of ingredients based on fish, vegetables and fresh fruits. Because of its close proximity to North Africa, it is not surprising to find Moroccan cuisine in the mix with the standard Spanish culinary genre. For meat lovers, one can always enjoy a nice hot stew or have a piece or two of the succulent barbecue steaks.

4. Fantastic Drink Options!

Canary Islands have four wonderful types of drinks. The wines are of excellent quality fermented from the vineyards of La Palma and Northern Tenerife. It’s a good addition to a romantic dinner. Barraquito is a special brewed coffee admired for its caffeine strength and tea-like constitution. The special ron miel is a sweet rum made from honey, similar to mead. Lastly, nothing beats a good cold beer!