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Top Tourist Attractions in Thailand

The top tourist attractions in Thailand reflect the kind of beauty that an unconquered nation possesses. Thailand has a very symbolic epithet that is well known in world history – The Land of the Free. Unlike other nations in Southeast Asia, only Thailand remains free from the protectorate of foreigners (particularly Europeans). The ancient Kingdom of Siam is a respected trade partner of the Portuguese and a hospitable host of the Japanese Diaspora in Medieval Japan (majority of which are Christian exiles). Their partnership with these foreign people enabled them to deter their northern rivals, the Burmese, from completely conquering them. Thailand has a positive reception of all foreigners that came to their shores, even the Japanese of World War II. Their culture of foreign hospitality is better experienced by tourists visiting their most wonderful locations.

Best Tourist Attractions in Thailand

1. Kho Phi Phi

Kho Phi Phi is the most popular among the top tourist attractions in Thailand. Kho Phi Phi is a small archipelago in Krabi Province located in the southern part of the country. The bigger island, Khoi Phi Phi Don, is known for its permanent inhabitants while the smaller atoll, Kho Phi Phi Ley, is a very popular beach resort. Kho Phi Phi Ley experienced a sudden torrent of vacationers around the second millennium, especially following the famous movie The Beach where most of the scenes were shot. The continuous surge of visitors tarnished the island’s beauty, yet it still remains the top destination for most vacationers.

2. Phang Nga Bay

While the Kho Phi Phi archipelago is famous for attracting luxury tourism, the Phang Nga Bay is a favorite location of offbeat eco tourists. The Phang Nga Bay is located in the island of Phuket. It has an abundant number of sea caves, grottoes and limestone isles. One of the most iconic atolls is called the James Bond Island, because it was one of the locations of the movie The Man with the Golden Gun. The sea caverns are accessible via kayaking. There are countless hotels in Phuket, but the Double Tree Resort Phuket is one of the nicest and best value for the money.

3. Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

If one is looking for top tourist attractions in Thailand that offers excellent shopping, the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar is the most preferable choice. Originally, this site was an ancient district where Chinese merchants lived. Now, the markets are owned by plenty of people. Groceries and food stalls are also abundant in this place. This district mainly sells a wide array of wares from

clothing to handicrafts and other things worthy of a souvenir. It is a perfect place to stop by before heading home.

4. Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is one of the most important heritage sites in Thailand and a place that has the highest historical value. This city was created in 1350 AD by King U Thong and was a major commercial center for three of Asia’s most powerful civilizations – China, India and Malay (Java, Borneo and Philippine Islands). At the height of its prominence, Ayutthaya was destroyed by their Burmese rivals, which is now left in ruins.

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