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Photo of the Week: View of Panama City from Ancon Hill

Panama City Skyline

I traveled to Panama in early 2012 and started my trip in Panama City. A sprawling metropolis that looks more like Miami than Miami itself, Panama City is a world class city that has something for everyone, from deep historical roots to soaring glass skyscrapers and top-notch nightlife.

I took a tour of the city, and one of the coolest places I went to was atop Cerro Ancon (Ancon Hill) which is a 654 foot hill right in the middle of the city. What’s cool about Ancon Hill besides the stunning views of the city below is that it is undeveloped and truly a jungle oasis in the middle of a bustling city. The reason it was never built up is because up until 1977, the hill was actually governed by the US as it was part of the Panama Canal Zone. Panama decided to keep it pristine upon gaining control and since has made it a protected area.

You can even still see exotic jungle wildlife living on the hill including sloths, exotic birds, condors, eagles, tamarins (small monkeys) and deer. If you make it to Panama City, then definitely head to Ancon Hill to take in the amazing panoramic vistas, you won’t be¬†disappointed!