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Groupon is number one for savings on wellness

The cost of wellness, healthy, beauty and spa treatments is pretty steep in the US. The problem is that these services are considered to be luxuries, and the staff at such places are paid pretty high wages, which means consumers have to shell out quite a bit in order to enjoy them.

Not everyone can afford such treatments all of the time, but there is a way to make these things more affordable if you know where to look. Which is why we’ve got a great tip for you – head on over to Groupon.com and check out the Wellness and Beauty sections there, and you’ll be amazed what kinds of discounts are on offer. Take a look at these gyms in Boston to see what we mean.

gyms in boston

Groupon is dead. Long live Groupon!

Groupon’s deal-of-the-day business model was once so successful that it raked in $950 million in a series D funding round, but in recent years its vouchers and coupons have lost their lure, forcing the company to explore other avenues to attract new custom. As such, Groupon has quietly relaunched itself as a kind of business directory, akin to the Yellow Pages.

Unlike its more traditional rival however, Groupon still offers great discounts alongside its comprehensive listings, which means consumers not only find the service they need, but can enjoy great savings on them too. Check out this San Jose Mexican Restaurant listing to see what we mean.

San Jose Mexican Restaurant