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7 Tips to Enjoy Rome on a Budget!

Rome may be the seat of the Catholic faith but this city has so much to offer than just its churches. Compared to other European countries, staying here becomes really affordable once you have set yourself up in one of the nice places to stay in the area. Even if you have to enjoy Rome on a budget, you can still get to see much of the city without missing the most important stops by getting attuned to how the locals live.


  1. Eat a full meal at lunch rather than dinner. Weight conscious individuals will love this because dinner is deemed to be that meal when you should eat like a slave. The same idea goes for people on a tour to Rome because most restaurants offer all inclusive lunch at competitive prices but during dinner, you could be charged double the price. Hence, it would be better to eat snacks or go on a picnic at dinnertime.

  2. Don’t tip more than 5% unless you are really impressed by the service. Contrary to the practice in the US, the waiters in Rome do not expect a 12% tip and Romans do not leave tips which are greater than 5%. So, do not feel obliged to leave more money on the table when you are in Rome.

  3. Stay on your feet while grabbing your meal. A sweet croissant or cornetto and a cup of cappuccino is the perfect combination but when you are in a café or a bar, do what the locals do, stand up and move on. Since the prices for table services can double, standing at the bar to save is definitely an option.

  4. Taste the Gelato. Ice cream happens to be one of the best things about Rome. To those who have a sweet tooth, Rome is just the place to get a lot of it. One good place to eat ice cream is the Piazza delle Province. Ice cream comes in a lot of flavors such as yogurt with strawberries, smarties and anything you want. Just follow the crowd and you’ll know the best place to get ice cream.

  5. See Vatican at Night. Getting inside the Vatican Museum is a must when you are in Rome and as one of the places with the most extensive art collections; it’s not surprising why there are tons of people. To avoid the foot traffic and for thinner crowds, catch the last entrance. The tour will be self-guided but you can peruse the paintings and other museum display at your leisure.

  6. Drop by the cat sanctuary. There is much to see in Rome and one of these is the cat sanctuary which sits beside the ruins of Torre Argentina. This sanctuary is in a cave-like area which is run by volunteers. The location is actually where Julius Caesar was stabbed by Brutus. You can feed the felines and drop by the cat shop.

  7. Get an art pass. There is so much to see around Rome and if you love the arts, a Roma Pass is just what you need. You will have free access to 2 sights or museums, unlimited rides in public transport and reduced fees when gaining entry to various events and sights. Research is essential to plan ahead and get the most of your pass.

People in Rome are known to live beyond their means and by getting some hints from locals, you will surely relish your stay in the city without worrying about overspending. These are just some of the tips that can help you plan a smoother trip while living within your financial capacity.