Cool Things Compliments of The Philippines!

This archipelago on the Southeast portion of Asia, composed of more than 7000 islands is known for a lot of things, such as the world renowned Tubbataha Reef, the tasty dish adobo, the poker game with a twist called pusoy, and the most popular is the picturesque waters of Boracay.

The Tubbataha Reef is a natural wonder in itself. Located in the Sulu Sea, there “lies an underwater nature reserve that is considered both as a mecca for scuba divers and model for coral reef conservation,” as described by the reef’s website Not only is the reef an ideal location due to its beauty, but it also boasts of a rich marine biodiversity. According to the same website, there are “600 species of fish, 360 species of corals (about half of all coral species in the world), 11 species of sharks, 13 species of dolphins & whales, 100 species of birds, and also nesting Hawksbill & Green sea turtles.”

Shark in Coral Reef

The delicious dish adobo, on the other hand, is unique because the marinade (of garlic and vinegar) used in the meat will also serve as its sauce. It’s quite an easy dish to make; you even have the option of using pork, chicken, or tofu. Marinate your choice of meat for about a couple of hours. Heat some oil in a saucepan, then cook the garlic (from your marinade) on it until brown. Stir-fry the meat, and after that add the rest of the marinade and some bay leaf. Let it simmer for a few minutes, then serve with steamed rice.

adobo cooking

Meanwhile, the Filipinos are known as a creative bunch—so creative, in fact, that they managed to twist the traditional poker game into a variant called pusoy. Sure, we’re used to the customary poker weekend, or participating in online tournament, so maybe after learning the rudiments of this local card game we can squeeze in a round or two of it just to deviate and avoid boredom. So, how is this played? BicycleCards tells us the basics. The goal is to get two or three winning hands out of the dealt thirteen cards. “To win the bet, two out of three of a player’s hands must beat the three hands of the dealer. If all three hands beat the dealer’s three hands, the player wins double the bet. If only one hand wins, the player loses the bet. If all three hands lose to the dealer, the player loses double the bet,” as provided by

Unique Card Games

Boracay is an island in The Philippines that advocated in this way: “As long as you visit during dry season, you’ll agree this is one of the best beach destinations in the world.” By day, the island is the perfect paradise for your getaway—pristine seas, white powdery sands and friendly locals. When night falls, Boracay is the ultimate party place; you can dance or listen to acoustic music all evening. One holiday spent here is never enough.

Borocay Beach in Philippines