Your Road Trip Guide To 2014

Your Road Trip Guide To 2014: Five Destinations Worth The Mileage in the US

A road trip can be a way to refresh your spirit after a hectic year of work and family activities. Cruising down an open road, with new sights, sounds and personalities along More »

sand beaches in India

A guide to the top beaches in Karnataka

India's home to some pretty spectacular beaches, but I think it's fair to say that Goa is the destination that usually springs to mind when you mention beach breaks here. But there More »

coastline in Croatia

Why visit Croatia?

Croatia is increasingly becoming a popular holiday destination with families and solo travellers alike. But what is it that is drawing ever growing numbers of Brits to this part of Europe? Read on More »

blue water in the Caribbean

The 5 Best Places for Snorkeling in the Caribbean

For many, snorkeling in the Caribbean’s crystalline turquoise waters and swimming with some of the world’s most fascinating underwater wildlife encompasses the perfect getaway. However, as there are so many incredible snorkeling More »

cathedral in Leon, NIcaragua

Central American City Travel Guide

Central America is renowned for many things: its volcanic activity; its wildlife; its beaches; its Maya ruins and its sunshine. But as a city break destination? However, in my opinion, no Central More »


What is the difference between camping and glamping?

Across America, the warm sunny days of summer are beginning to spread across the land, and the desire of outdoor lovers to get out into the outstanding natural spaces of this country is rising along with it. For generations, most of these folks would gather together groundsheets, sleeping bags, a camp stove, a cooler, and a tent, and head for the mountains, the forests, and the coastlines around the USA to take in the outdoors, rain or shine. In more recent years though, outdoor recreation providers, Read more [...]

Heading To Costa Rica? Here Are The Top Things To Do In Montezuma…

If you are wondering what the top things to do in Montezuma are, then you're in luck. This section is going to discuss in brief detail what expectations you should establish. One the things you must know about this place is that it is a remote fishng village in Costa Rica, so you'll have to endure a long travel time to get to it. You don't have to worry about the expenses though because the fares are affordable. Besides, Montezuma only grew in popularity in the 1980's because of the affordable Read more [...]

Top Things To Do In Kangaroo Island

As lame as it may sound, the sheer fascination in discovering the namesake animal might be one of the top things to do in Kangaroo Island. However, the Aborigine translation of the land’s name may conjure a completely opposite negative reaction. This island was once called Karta, or “the Land of the Dead” due to the archaeological evidences of their ancient relatives perishing during the last glacial period with the rising of sea levels that flooded the Backstairs Passage straight. However, Read more [...]

Top Tourist Attractions In Zimbabwe

The top tourist attractions in Zimbabwe are an interesting mix of adrenaline rush inducing adventures and cultural experiences.  This landlocked country in Southern Africa shares borders with Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique. With its fertile soils, vibrant metropolitan cities and a rich flora and fauna, Zimbabwe is definitely worth a visit. Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls.  The world’s largest water fall is both Zimbabwe and Zambia’s pride Read more [...]