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Top Destinations In Abergavenny

The ruins of this castle are among the top destinations in Abergavenny

Situated in the wonderful town of Monmouthshire are the top destinations in Abergavenny. Abergavenny is a settlement in the United Kingdom filled with rich customs and legacies and there are just so much to see in the town with an accessible town capital that can be effortlessly reached even by foot. Plus, Abergavenny is also considered as the point of entry to South Wales where you truly take pleasure in spending your vacation spree within an eye-catching, laidback rural area.

To start off your journey with the top destinations in Abergavenny you better visit Abergavenny Castle. Abergavenny Castle greatly exemplifies that of a motte type of fortress in Great Britain. The castle after it was refurbished still comprises some of its wall remnants thus showcasing a quite striking facade of the castle even after it was revamped. What’s more to enjoy about castle is that it has some famous legends to share as well which might actually tickle your imagination. In addition to that, the castle pasture extends far-reaching the River Usk, offering a scenic setting in all seasons of the year.

Several beautiful small churches can also be found within Abergavennay, all of which possess its inimitable make-up. Just close to the town, a quite jagged church of Cwmyoy can be seen which are one of the top destinations in Abergavenny. Cwmyoy Church features a spire that is bending over at a striking viewpoint. Also, in close proximity to Cwmyoy is Llanthony Abbey, a great portion of the structure has already been destroyed but still contains several thriving arches.

If you would like to explore more of Abergavenny’s heritage then you better stop by at the Abergavenny Museum. The museum is dotted in the floor of a torn Norman Castle where you can actually do picnics during summer season and stroll during the chilly weather. Before, the museum structure was a hunting lodge created by the Marquess of the town. At present, the museum’s exhibits somewhat tells a beautiful tale of the extraordinary town ranging from its ancient history up to the current setting thus is one of the top destinations in Abergavenny.

Moreover, the museum showcases a playroom for kids where there are plenty of chances to have fun. During some special instances also, workshops are being tendered by the museum personnel for a more dynamic learning. After your tour, it is highly recommended that you visit the little souvenir shop to buy some nice keepsakes of your visit.

Top Tourist Attractions In Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is one of the top tourist attractions in Zimbabwe

The top tourist attractions in Zimbabwe are an interesting mix of adrenaline rush inducing adventures and cultural experiences.  This landlocked country in Southern Africa shares borders with Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique.

With its fertile soils, vibrant metropolitan cities and a rich flora and fauna, Zimbabwe is definitely worth a visit.

Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Zimbabwe.

Victoria Falls.  The world’s largest water fall is both Zimbabwe and Zambia’s pride and joy.  Victoria Falls offer a wide variety of activities ranging from mild and relaxing, to extreme and adrenaline-rush inducing.

Observe the diverse flora and fauna surrounding the falls.  The grounds around Victoria Falls are home to a plethora of endemic species of birds, and fish.  If you’re into sports fishing, the nearby Zambezi River is a slice of heaven.

Visitor Tip:  If you’re brave enough, bungee jump off Victoria Falls Bridge for a once in a lifetime experience.

Hwange National Park.  If observing Zimbabwe’s flora and fauna is your cup of tea, visit Huwange National Park, one of the top tourist attractions in Zimbabwe.  This park is home to a great variety of game (one of the highest concentration of game, as a matter of fact).  With an area of 146,000 square kilometres, the National Park is home to 107 species of animals and over 400 species of birds.

Harare.  Head off to Zimbabwe’s capital for a taste of culture.  Harare’s cosmopolitan environment is perfect place to hunt for local and gourmet cuisines to whet your whistle, or satisfy your craving for some souvenir shopping in Mbane Musika market, one of the greatest open-air market in Africa.

You can also check out some of Africa’s best artworks in the National Gallery or interesting artefacts in the Queen Victoria Museum.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins.  For history buffs, visit the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, the remnants of the ancient Kingdom of Munumatapa which was built between the 13th and 15th century.